Mediation in Tennessee Divorce

Divorce Mediation in Tennessee - Memphis Family Lawyer Team

Divorce Mediation in Tennessee – Memphis Family Lawyer Team

Tennessee divorce mediation is designed to reduce stress and prevent trials.

Are you and your spouse considering filing for divorce in Tennessee but are concerned about the prospect of a courtroom trial? While it’s not an option for every couple entering divorce, mediation in Tennessee can help. Our Memphis-based practice has over 20 years of exclusive family law experience, which means we can advise you if this alternative to traditional divorce is a good course to take.

If you have minor children, mediation is mandatory. Despite its benefits, couples ending their marriages often misunderstand mediation in Tennessee. For this reason, we’ve created some online resources for you to review so you can fully understand the options you have at your disposal.

Our Team Understands That Mediation is Different from Divorce

In its very essence, traditional divorce is adversarial in nature. It means each spouse has a lawyer to protect his or her interests; it’s “everyone for themselves,” so to speak.

If you’re approaching divorce through mediation, a lawyer experienced in Memphis collaborative law will represent each of you as you work together with a mediator to settle every aspect of your divorce.

At the Miles Mason Family Law Group, we have experience in both approaches to divorce, and if you prefer this alternative to litigation, we’ll be there every step of the way to help you feel comfortable, in control and confident about the direction your discussions are headed.

We Have the Qualities You Need in a Divorce Mediation Lawyer in Memphis

When you’re entering into mediation, it’s crucial that legal counsel does not focus on 1 spouse gaining power over the other. Rather, it’s about making sure all aspects of your settlement are fair and equitable.

This is true of your: 

When you meet with us to discuss the prospect of mediation, you’ll find our team understands the collaborative approach to divorce. This means following through on the four-way agreement between you, your spouse, your spouse’s lawyer and us that we all will work together in efforts to avoid litigation.

This also means working with your spouse and his or her attorney in good faith to disclose financial information and other vital documents to reach an agreement.

Divorce Mediation in Tennessee - Memphis Family Lawyer Team

Divorce Mediation in Tennessee – Memphis Family Lawyer Team

Mediation requires dedication and commitment because there will be several meetings and conferences that happen before a non-legal professional assists you in reaching a settlement. At the Miles Mason Family Law Group, our professionals embody all of these traits and are here to help you move forward.

When You Need Divorce Mediation, our Lawyer Team in Memphis Can Help

At the Miles Mason Family Law Group, our divorce mediation lawyers serve clients in Memphis, TN, with all of their collaborative law needs. Our team focuses on Tennessee family law exclusively, which means we have the experience to represent you in discussions about divorce, child custody, spousal support, division of property and more. We serve families throughout Memphis, Germantown, Collierville, and west Tennessee. To set up a consultation, call us today at 1-901-683-1850.

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