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    I have question, I was involved with a woman, 6 yrs ago. She supposedly had gotten pregnant by me. But she claims she had a miscarriage. She lives in Tenn, I live in Illinois. I got a lawyer, to show me the miscarriage medical report from her doctor, it shows she did miscarry, and she even wrote a letter saying that she wasn’t pregnant by me. I still have all documents. However, 9 months later she informs me she did have a child, and wants me to take a DNA. I was shocked, but I agreed to take one. Suddenly, she disappears for 5 years, after trying to locate her for 5 yrs. I finally, catch her on a social network (facebook) she says I have to pay the state of Tennessee, back child support. Is this true??

    February 18, 2014
    • You really should speak with an experienced family law attorney from the county in which the purported mother lives. If there is a pending child support action or a court order you don’t know about, you need to know that asap.

      April 06, 2014
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    My ex was ordered by court to pay child support on our son upon our divorce he did for 6 yrs. He got a 2 divorce and had to pay for that child. He’s had the same job 22 years paid $25/hr..He promptly stopped paying me when my son was 5/6 & tried to get custody in OCT. Of that yr..Oh-when we first divorced I was granted full custody &rights to claim him on taxes. He did NOT win custody & was again ordered to pay child support this time through the state, I haven’t received a penny/9yrs. I have absolutely NEVER denied visitation vacays etc. As that would punish joe. He is paying $840 on the second child..his first 0. He also claimed joe the year he fought for custody w/o telling me or any legal right (he didn’t even TRY to take Joe until the 10th month of the year he claimed for so even if he HAD won, he didn’t file until the 10th month!! I had no clue he claimed him, So I also claimed-but he did first so even though I’ve got documentation from the court-I now OWE THE IRS $10000 (that’s ten thousand)Ive paid $100 a MONth since, so it’s more now (interest). Excuse my manners but what the Hell has happened here? It’s so absurd, I feel foolish saying it.but this ALL TRUE-actually there’s not even room for all we’ve endured
    But my sweet son is a straight A student, I have ZERO $ for college, he doesn’t even know as I can’t imagine how that would make him feel. He knows his brothers mom gets support he sees her pick up her chk..I’m sure he assumes he gets too…I don’t.

    July 27, 2014
    • My advice is simple. Round up all of your legal pleadings and see an experienced Tennessee family law attorney. The attorney will need to review the legal pleadings in order to give you legal advice. Even if the children/child is past 18, you may still be due child support. Don’t delay. Learn your rights. The attorney may be willing to take the case based on a contingency fee. Also, ask about interest on unpaid child support.

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      July 28, 2014

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