Abby Wilson

Manager of Operations, Miles Mason Family Law Group, PLC

Abby Goodman Wilson joined the team in the summer of 2018. She is a 7th generation Memphian with a passion for the city and its people. After graduating from Ridgeway High School she ventured to Charleston, SC to attend The College of Charleston. While there, she attained a Bachelors of Science in Sociology with a minor in Hospitality and Tourism Management.

Her love of Memphis brought her home soon after graduation. Upon returning to Memphis, Abby embarked on the adventure of entrepreneurship! She opened and ran Meals In Motion, the first of its kind restaurant delivery service in the Mid-South. Abby successfully grew the company until spring of 2017, when she decided it was time to explore other life experiences.

Abby is an avid runner and has attained the status of “Road Warrior” multiple times with the Memphis Runner Track Club. Shortly before joining the team at MMFLG Abby married the love of her life, John. You can often find the two of them attempting to play golf, or at home cooking and goofing off with their dog, Charlie.

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