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Information about careers, job opportunities, and open positions for associate attorney, family law paralegal, legal assistant, and law student clerkship in our law firm, Miles Mason Family Law Group, PLC, in Memphis.

Open Positions:

  • None at this time.  See below for future opportunities!

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We want to hear from you.  We rarely have open positions, but when we do, we announce them here on our website, our firm’s LinkedIn page, and our e-mail newsletter.

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For open positions, see those pages for specific details regarding applications.

For all positions which are not currently open, e-mail questions to  In the subject line of the e-mail, let us know if you want to be considered for a position as an associate attorney, paralegal, legal assistant, or law student clerkship.  If we are interested in meeting with you, we will likely then request an educational transcript.  If we have your resume on file, we may contact you before posting an open position for the public. If we don’t contact you first, please don’t take that personally.  You will still have an opportunity to be considered.  All resumes submitted are kept in confidence.


Keep in touch.  Follow our firm on LinkedIn and connect with Sharon Mason and/or Miles Mason, Sr.  Feel free to resubmit your interest every six months or so.  Sign up for our e-mail newsletter.  To learn more about our team, please see About Us and Meet the Team.

Why family law?

Everyone in our firm wants a professional career with meaning and purpose.  In family law, that means having a positive impact on every client’s life.  We do that by listening and helping each client make smart decisions in a very difficult time.  On a very personal level, we make a difference.

All law firms claim that they are “client centered.”  But what does that really mean?  Before any team can be effective, every team member must know their job.  Improving every day is a process.  As a leading family law firm, each team member’s professional development is key to our clients’ success.  We encourage continuing education both inside and outside the firm for all professional staff.  You can view a detailed description of our Formal Internal Training Program below.

Our team members also make great professional connections.  We routinely work with some of the most important psychologists, forensic accountants, mediators, financial advisors, and investigators.  Together, we work in a true team environment.  All staff professionals have opportunities to personally view court proceedings, meet judges and court room clerks, and have meaningful interaction with clients.  Each individual has the opportunity, resources, and encouragement to advance his or her career development every day.

What makes us special?  We are a small group of unique and quirky characters.  You will get to know and work with everyone.  In our spare time, we all do different things.  Some are active in community service.  Many like to travel.  Others read for pleasure.  (We have our fair share of introverts.)  Discover for yourself.  Benefits are discussed more in detail as part of our hiring process.

The traditional law firm business model is broken. No one realistically doubts that. That is one of the reasons Miles started practicing with Alan Crone in 1995. Creating a unique environment with lawyers who chose to work with us became an important part of our culture. We also experimented with different business models when it came to culture and compensation. Today, the Miles Mason Family Law Group seeks to:

  1. Foster a work-life balance;
  2. Empower staff professionals to advance and grow in skills and compensation;
  3. Offer progressive family-friendly policies;
  4. Provide resources to outstanding training and professional development;
  5. Be the best family law firm we can be;
  6. Promote individual goal setting; and
  7. Have a very high level of transparency regarding associate and paralegal career paths.

We encourage lawyers to increase their skills in business development such as business lunches, speaking at conferences and seminars, writing and publishing, and attending business networking events.  We want our lawyers successfully running their own practices.

Hear from Abby Wilson about her experience with us.

Our Formal Internal Training Program

Over the last twenty-five years, we have developed a very detailed formal internal training program for all attorneys, paralegals, legal assistants, and law clerks.  In addition to reading important Tennessee family law books and ABA Family Law Section publications, all of our team members learn about ethics, confidentiality, drafting pleadings, motion practice, issuing and responding to discovery, mediation preparation, property division, alimony, drafting permanent parenting plans and child support worksheets, legal research, client satisfaction, and more.  Our family law reference material is second to none.  As an added benefit, we pay ½ of the cost for all professional staff to attend Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University.

In addition to attorneys and paralegals attending the most important continuing legal education offered locally and nationally, we invite other family lawyers and local experts to present to our firm as part of our ongoing “Lunch and Learn” series.  Past presenters include Suzanne Landers (mediation preparation and strategies), David Strauser, Ph.D. (vocational expert witness), Steven Peskind (author of the Family Law Evidence ABA Family Law Section book), Joe Duncan (professionalism), Anne Hamer (dealing with difficult people), Rob Vance (forensic accounting), Ted Scott (e-discovery), Kelly Dobbins (drug testing), and Alan Crone (Employment Law for Family Lawyers).

We continue to develop innovative internal training programs to share the latest and most current information available to our professional staff.  At the same time, we keep a close eye on training and learning available at the national level.  Several of our attorneys have attended the ABA Family Law Section Trial Advocacy Institute.  Our learning and training never stop.

What some former staff members had to say about working with us

Kelly Wojciechowski, former Associate Attorney:

I worked for Miles Mason as a young associate.  What I appreciate most about my time at Miles Mason Family Law Group is Miles’ knack for teaching the practice of law.  Unlike many firms, he actually teaches young associates how to put what is taught in law school into every day practice. Whether it is deciding which motion to file or what advice to give to clients, Miles is willing to answer any questions and explain the reasoning behind his advice.  What I learned at MMFLG gave me a firm foundation in which to be confident in Court and with clients.

Lara Lynn Massey, former Senior Paralegal:

I worked for the firm over 10 years, and I would have continued to work for them if I had not moved to another state. It was easy to become loyal to a firm that believes in building a team environment and recognizing that employees are a valuable resource. A large part of the firm’s success has been because of its well-chosen staff. If you work for this firm, expect to be challenged to meet or exceed your potential, and to never stop learning. Also expect to have a group of loyal and supportive people around you, with a great sense of humor. That was the rewarding experience of my working for Miles Mason Family Law Group.

David Marshburn, Attorney (former Law Clerk):

I worked as a law clerk at Miles Mason Family Law Group for two years during law school, which provided me with an incredibly valuable opportunity to turn the knowledge I gained in the classroom into wisdom through the practice of law. During my time as a law clerk, I learned the fundamental building blocks necessary for becoming a skillful litigator, all while building lasting, professional relationships with colleagues both in the firm and beyond in the greater Memphis legal community.

Tucker Osborne, former Law Clerk:

I want to thank for you allowing me the privilege to have clerked for your firm the past year. I am incredibly grateful to have had such an opportunity. On top of any legal knowledge or experience I have gained, I enjoyed learning from you as a leader. Observing you handle relationships with clients, employees, and family was powerful. I admire how you managed each genuinely but also with intent and purpose. I am glad to have worked in an environment that valued personal and team growth.

Roseann A. Willson, former Legal Assistant:

I was hired at this firm with little experience and yet was so warmly welcomed and encouraged to learn and grow. While at the firm, not only did I work with a great team of hard working and fun people, but I learned the intricate details of family law and the workings of a law firm. But what I learned in my time with the firm goes far beyond the office, and I still benefit from even today. If my husband and I hadn’t moved to Georgia I would absolutely still be a part of that team. Working at this firm was one of the most rewarding places I’ve ever worked.

Non-Discrimination Policy

Miles Mason Family Law Group, PLC is an equal opportunity employer and all qualified applicants receive consideration for employment and all employees are treated during employment without regard to race, color, sexual orientation, religion, sex, age, national origin, genetic information, physical or mental disability, veteran status, gender identity and marital status.

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