Special Expenses in Tennessee Child Support Law

Special expenses are also called “add ons” in Tennessee child support calculations.

Adding Special Expenses to the Child Support Calculation Requires 7% Minimum

Adding Special Expenses to the Child Support Calculation Requires 7% Minimum

The court is required to take into consideration the expenses discussed above (health insurance, childcare, and medical expenses).  In some cases, however, the court may decide that certain “add-on” expenses can also be taken into consideration.  These are called “special expenses” in the Guidelines, and include things such as summer camp, music or art lessons, travel, and school extra-curricular activities such as band or sports.  If your child travels playing a competitive sport like baseball, softball, or soccer, here is a chance to include the costs, fees, uniforms, gear, gas, and seemingly endless hotel rooms.  In most cases, these expenses are not taken into consideration, because the Guidelines look at them as being part of the ordinary costs of parenting, which are already included in the BCSO.  However, if these expenses are more than seven percent (7%) of the BCSO, then the court will determine whether there should be a deviation from the child support guidelines in that particular case.

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