What Happens During Divorce Mediation

What Happens During Divorce Mediation. What advice do you have for parents mediating custody regarding final decision-making, parenting time for school nights/school mornings, and cell phone usage? How do you handle spouses who “back up” and offer less than they were willing to settle for earlier in the day?

In divorce mediation, how do you handle “take it or leave it” offers? From the perspective of a divorce mediator, is there anything a spouse should never ever say to you? In divorce mediation, how do you suggest dividing pets? When you mediate custody, how important is the parenting time status quo? Why? In general, from the divorce mediator’s perspective, how do you handle assets valued by the parties with large differences? As a divorce mediator, how do you know when one of the spouses is a narcissist? How often is that? Is it hard to tell? As a mediator, how do you recommend divorce mediation with a narcissist so the spouse feels in control?

About Suzanne Landers, Mediator

Ms. Landers began practicing law in 1985, and she began mediating since 1994, obtaining her certification in domestic violence mediation in 2001.  She has historically served on the Alternative Dispute Resolution Commission, which governs the practice of mediation in Tennessee, and she remains active in community discussion and education on the topic.  Although now retired from litigation, Ms. Landers continues to mediate family issues and issues related to the international abduction of children under the Hague Convention.

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