Tennessee Divorce and Family Law Statutes

Tennessee divorce and family law statutes current as of end of 2014 legislative session.  From Memphis divorce lawyers, Miles Mason Family Law Group, PLC.  By no means are these the only Tennessee statutes which apply to divorce and family law, but they are some of the more commonly referenced.

To check on updates, see Tennessee Code Annotated.

Alimony Statute

Statute 36-5-121. Decree for Support of Spouse

Child Custody Statute

Statute 36-6-101: Decree for Custody and Support of Child
Enforcement, Juvenile Court Jurisdiction, Presumption of Parental Fitness, Educational Seminar

Child Support Statute

Statute 36-5-101: Decree for Support of Children
Modification, Delinquencies, Standing to Petition, Court Costs and Attorneys Fees, Means of Collection, Scientific Parentage Tests

General Divorce Statutes

Tennessee Divorce and Family Law Statutes

Property Division Statute

Statute 36-4-121: Distribution of Marital Property


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