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The Miles Mason Family Law Group, PLC provides uniquely qualified service through the team approach. Clients feel that their problems are being handled by people who truly care a great deal about them. Some clients tell us they feel we have become their trusted friends and “lawyers for life.”  Miles Mason, Sr. is the founder of the Miles Mason Family Law Group, PLC, has been selected as a Tennessee Super Lawyer by peers, rated 10.0 out of 10.0 by Avvo, and received a “AV Preeminent®” Peer Review Rating by Martindale-Hubbell. View what our clients have said.  Learn more about career opportunities with us.

Avoiding Critical Mistakes and Financial Pitfalls

You’ve worked and sacrificed for everything you have.  The attorneys and staff in the Miles Mason Family Law Group, PLC have a comprehensive understanding of family law and background in all its many aspects. There is, however, another dimension to family law representation – the personal touch. It is our mission to spend as much time with each and every client as that client needs, ensuring that each client’s individual concerns and problems are met. In an effort to respond as quickly as possible to every client’s daily questions, our team approach takes advantage of experienced paralegals and legal assistants, who can provide a listening ear and serious professional guidance.

One of the biggest strengths is the sheer length of time the Miles Mason Family Law Group’s core has worked together.  Having this length of experience together makes a huge difference.

Miles Mason, Sr. is also a Certified Public Accountant

When complex and sophisticated financial considerations need to be addressed, Miles Mason, Sr. can offer a uniquely qualified perspective. Prior to becoming an attorney, he was a Certified Public Accountant. We may also collaborate with forensic accountants outside our firm to obtain pension and complex asset valuations and prepare needs and ability-to-pay analyses, which form the basis for alimony recommendations. Engaging a forensic accountant early in the case helps reduce costs by avoiding more expensive attorney rates and by narrowing the focus to the most important financial issues. This can also lead to completing a thoughtfully prepared settlement proposal earlier in the process.

In addition to legal problems, divorce can present both emotional and complex financial issues. Our staff recognizes the detrimental effects that stress can have on clients’ decision-making. We often refer clients to counselors for many different reasons. Some clients need more help than others. Every client who has worked with a counselor has told us that the counseling process has helped to relieve anxiety, regain control over emotions, and be more decisive.

Speed Matters

No one wants a divorce to last one second longer than necessary.  After we have learned about the history of the marriage, ascertained the client’s divorce goals, and gotten the pertinent financial information, we conduct team meetings at regular intervals, as well as at critical points in the case. Team meetings consist of lawyers, paralegals, and legal assistants. We exchange information and analyze each situation in relation to the client’s stated goals. Strategy and planning are assessed and evaluated. If an important change in strategy is recommended, a meeting with the client will be scheduled.  By working together, we can work faster and more efficently.

Every divorce, even ones which do not present sophisticated financial concerns, requires an in-depth knowledge of the parties’ education, employment history, and earnings capacity. The Miles Mason Family Law Group team excels in careful financial budgeting and detailed asset and debt inventory and analysis. After receiving the client’s completed homework, the team prepares financial statements which are organized in a format we invented, one which is most conducive to divorce settlement analysis. By being better prepared sooner in the process, a spouse can gain an important early negotiating advantage.

Peace of Mind: Taking Back Control of Your Life

Clients often express goals of keeping out of court, feeling secure about decisions, and finding a way to be heard by their spouses. An important part of our service is to make the process more understandable and less complicated. Personalizing the divorce to the clients’ needs is a primary key to successful representation. Clients feel the difference when the time is taken to explain why certain strategies are more likely to help avoid protracted litigation. Drawn-out court battles drain finances which are needed more than ever when the divorce is creating two households from one.

If a case settles, it will do so because of either informal negotiations or mediation. In all cases, we take as much time as the client wants explaining the negotiation and settlement process. We have learned that preparing clients in advance for difficult negotiation crossroads can mean the difference between success and failure. Sometimes, however, going to court cannot be avoided, and exceptional trial advocacy is required. The team approach really shines in high-conflict litigation because the team is able to combine resources without relying too much on any one professional to do everything needed in the case.

Thinking About Applying to Join Our Team?

Here are what some former staff members had to say about working with us.  Click here to learn more about career opportunities with our firm.

Kelly Wojciechowski, former Associate Attorney:

I worked for Miles Mason as a young associate.  What I appreciate most about my time at Miles Mason Family Law Group is Miles’ knack for teaching the practice of law.  Unlike many firms, he actually teaches young associates how to put what is taught in law school into every day practice. Whether it is deciding which motion to file or what advice to give to clients, Miles is willing to answer any questions and explain the reasoning behind his advice.  What I learned at MMFLG gave me a firm foundation in which to be confident in Court and with clients.

Lara Lynn Massey, fomer Senior Paralegal:

I worked for the firm over 10 years, and I would have continued to work for them if I had not moved to another state. It was easy to become loyal to a firm that believes in building a team environment and recognizing that employees are a valuable resource. A large part of the firm’s success has been because of its well-chosen staff. If you work for this firm, expect to be challenged to meet or exceed your potential, and to never stop learning. Also expect to have a group of loyal and supportive people around you, with a great sense of humor. That was the rewarding experience of my working for Miles Mason Family Law Group.

David Marshburn, former Law Clerk:

I worked as a law clerk at Miles Mason Family Law Group for two years during law school, which provided me with an incredibly valuable opportunity to turn the knowledge I gained in the classroom into wisdom through the practice of law. During my time as a law clerk, I learned the fundamental building blocks necessary for becoming a skillful litigator, all while building lasting, professional relationships with colleagues both in the firm and beyond in the greater Memphis legal community.

Roseann A. Willson, former Legal Assistant:

I was hired at this firm with little experience and yet was so warmly welcomed and encouraged to learn and grow. While at the firm, not only did I work with a great team of hard working and fun people, but I learned the intricate details of family law and the workings of a law firm. But what I learned in my time with the firm goes far beyond the office, and I still benefit from even today. If my husband and I hadn’t moved to Georgia I would absolutely still be a part of that team. Working at this firm was one of the most rewarding places I’ve ever worked.

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