Top 6 Property Division Strategies in Tennessee Divorce

How do you divide property when divorcing? Top 6 best property division strategies in Tennessee divorce including dealing with separate and marital property, factors for equitable division, and negotiating tips.  

Hi, I’m Miles Mason.  This message about Tennessee property division is for clients and friends in Germantown, Memphis, and Collierville, Tennessee and the surrounding area.  Tennessee property division strategy and divorce law is important.  Here are the top 6 Tennessee property division strategies:

  1. Identify all assets that exist. How can you divide a marital estate if you don’t know it exists or what’s in it? If you think your spouse is hiding assets, consider hiring a forensic accountant.
  2. Classify all assets as marital or separate property under Tennessee law. If the issues are complicated, consider hiring a forensic accountant to help.
  3. Value all assets and debts. Pay particular attention to businesses, professional practices, pensions, stock options, and intellectual property, like copyrights and patents. If there is a business to value, consider hiring a business valuation expert, also called a business appraiser.
  4. Read and study the factors for property division. Share with your lawyer every important fact and piece of evidence, good and bad, applicable to the factors.
  5. Determine a reasonable expectation of what percentage of marital property you should end up with.
  6. Focus all negotiations with your desired percentage of marital property in mind.

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