Myths of Beating Court Ordered Drug Testing

What are the biggest drug testing myths? What is the most common false-positive drug test? What is the most thorough drug test? What percent of drug tests are inaccurate? Can hair dye alter a drug test? What are the most common ways people try and cheat drug testing? What is an observed drug test? Should a family lawyer always get the observed drug test?

Kelly Dobbins is a drug testing expert witness and is President of Mid-South Drug Testing in Memphis, TN and Paragould, AR. Kelly answers questions relevant to family law, divorce, custody, and other court ordered testing protocols. What family lawyers need to know.  See all videos in our YouTube playlist, Drug & Alcohol Testing: What Family Lawyers Need to Know with Kelly Dobbins.

Thank you to Kelly Dobbins for joining us.  MidSouth Drug Testing
To contact her: (901)-320-9295





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