Drug Testing Basics: Urine & Hair

What shows up in a urine drug test? What can be detected in a urine test? How far back does a urine test go? How long do drugs stay in your hair? How far back do hair follicle drug test? How long does it take drugs to get out of hair? How soon after drug use can a drug be detected in hair? What is the significance of saliva testing? How far back will a mouth swab drug test go? Saliva drug test faq. What can be detected in a saliva test? What are recent drug use trends?

Kelly Dobbins is a drug testing expert witness and is President of Mid-South Drug Testing in Memphis, TN and Paragould, AR. Kelly answers questions relevant to family law, divorce, custody, and other court ordered testing protocols. What family lawyers need to know.  See all videos in our YouTube playlist, Drug & Alcohol Testing: What Family Lawyers Need to Know with Kelly Dobbins.

Thank you to Kelly Dobbins for joining us.  MidSouth Drug Testing
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