Trial or Settlement in Tennessee Divorce Law?

Trial or Settlement in Tennessee Divorce Law? Thoughts on what it means to settle or go to trial in Tennessee divorce cases.

[auto_thumb width=”250″ height=”150″ link=”” lightbox=”true” align=”right” title=”” alt=”” iframe=”false” frame=”true” crop=”true”][/auto_thumb]There are only two ways to obtain a divorce under Tennesse  family law: trial or settlement. While a vast majority of divorces are resolved by settlement, a trial will most likely occur when:

  1. There are no settlement opportunities (for example, both parties demand final decision-making authority with the children), or
  2. The settlement offer from the other spouse does not make financial sense and your proposed settlement has been rejected, or
  3. There is a difference of opinion of law between the parties’ attorneys in which there is little “middle ground.

The topic of trials include the following:

  1. Grounds for divorce;
  2. Identification, classification, valuation and division of marital property;
  3. Child custody and visitation;
  4. Child support; and
  5. Alimony.

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