Trial or Settlement in Tennessee Divorce Law?

Trial or Settlement in Tennessee Divorce Law? Thoughts on what it means to settle or go to trial in Tennessee divorce cases.

There are only two ways to obtain a divorce under Tennesse  family law: trial or settlement. While a vast majority of divorces are resolved by settlement, a trial will most likely occur when:

  1. There are no settlement opportunities (for example, both parties demand final decision-making authority with the children), or
  2. The settlement offer from the other spouse does not make financial sense and your proposed settlement has been rejected, or
  3. There is a difference of opinion of law between the parties’ attorneys in which there is little “middle ground.

The topic of trials include the following:

  1. Grounds for divorce;
  2. Identification, classification, valuation and division of marital property;
  3. Child custody and visitation;
  4. Child support; and
  5. Alimony.

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