How to Obtain an Order of Protection

How to Obtain an Order of Protection.  What steps do you need to take to obtain and Order of Protection? What do you need to file in order to obtain an Order of Protection? What are some courtroom tips for a civil case hearing? Can an attorney amend an initial petition? What advice do you have for lawyers that are working with a client to write the narrative description of abuse? What advice should lawyers give clients before an evidentiary hearing? An order of protection is signed by a judge or judicial commissioner and tells someone who is hurting you to stop or face legal consequences. Welcome to our Orders of Protection video series, educating family lawyers and helping the public learn more about this important legal process protecting victims of domestic violence. See below for links to additional videos in the series. We thank Lisa Gill for sharing her knowledge and experience with our firm as part of our “Lunch and Learn” series. Learn more about her below.

Links to our complete Orders of Protection video series:

  1. How to Obtain an Order of Protection
  2. How to File for an Order of Protection
  3. Proof Needed for a Restraining Order
  4. Consequences for Violating an Order of Protection
  5. How Long Does an Order of Protection Stay On Your Record?
  6. How to Fight an Order of Protection
  7. Order of Protection vs Restraining Order
  8. How Much Does an Order of Protection Cost?

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Lisa J. Gill is the founder of Gill Family Law, PLLC. She is a fellow of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, and the National Board of Trial Advocacy has designated her as a Family Law Trial Specialist. She has held prior presidencies with the Association of Women Attorneys Memphis Chapter and the Mississippi Bar Association Northwest Young Lawyers Division. She is licensed in Mississippi and Tennessee and represents clients in both states at the trial and appellate levels.

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