Planning, Homework and Evidence in Your Tennessee Divorce

Steps you can take to prepare for your Tennessee divorce: planning, homework & evidence.

Planning for Your Tennessee Divorce Case

[auto_thumb width=”250″ height=”150″ link=”” lightbox=”true” align=”right” title=”” alt=”” iframe=”false” frame=”true” crop=”true”][/auto_thumb]Sleepless nights can be caused by either not having a plan or not understanding your plan. Meet with your lawyer and work out a plan with which you are comfortable. Divorce is stressful enough to cause you to forget even the most simple things. If you do not understand your plan, or forget why a decision was made, call and ask. It is your case. Do not feel silly or worried that you are bothering your lawyer.

Homework and Evidence Law in Your Tennessee Divorce Case

Just because you or your lawyer say something in court does not mean the judge can or will consider that statement or fact. In court, evidence is required to prove a case. Important documents, photographs, and notes around your home can be important evidence. Your lawyer will provide you with a list of things to photocopy and bring into the divorce lawyer’s office. If your lawyer does not provide you with a checklist of documents to be located and copied, remind him. This is very important. You must begin this process as soon as possible. The typical divorce case may involve several boxes of such papers. Without disclosing your reason, you may want to visit your accountant, banker, insurance agent, or stockbroker to begin the process.

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