Uninsured Medical Expenses in Tennessee Child Support

Recurring and routine medical expenses not covered by health insurance may be added to the TN child support calculation. Uninsured medical expenses in Tennessee child support are also commonly referred to as uncovered medical costs and can include deductibles, co-pays, orthodontic expenses, counseling expenses, and vision and hearing care.

Recurring or Routine Medical Expenses Not Covered By Health Insurance

All medical expenses should be taken into consideration when calculating the ASO.  Since insurance premiums are generally in the same amount every month, they are dealt with separately above.  But uninsured medical expenses also need to be considered.  Among other things, these include deductibles, co-pays, orthodontic expenses, counseling expenses, and vision and hearing care.  If these expenses are recurring or incurred routinely, then the monthly amount should be added to the BCSO in the same way that insurance premiums are added.

If these expenses are not routinely incurred or recurring regularly, then they are not included as part of the child support calculation.  Instead, the court order should specify that these expenses must be paid by the parents.  The division of these expenses would normally be based on the percentage of each parent’s income, although the court might order some other type of division.  If one parent fails to pay his or her portion of these expenses, then enforcement can be pursued.

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