Work-related Childcare Expenses in Tennessee Child Support

Day care, after school care, child care, and other work-related childcare expenses are added to the Tennessee child support calculation.  Work-related childcare expenses can be the most expensive routine monthly expense for working parents.

Childcare expenses are added to the BCSO if those expenses are necessary for a parent’s employment, education, or vocational training.  Before taking these expenses into consideration, the court must determine that the employment or education is appropriate.  Also, the childcare expenses must be appropriate to the parents’ financial abilities and lifestyle of the child.  The goal of the Guidelines is to provide the same level of support as if the parents were living together.  Therefore, to determine whether the expenses are appropriate, the court looks at whether they would have been appropriate if the parents and child were still living together.

Keep Evidence of Actual Historical Monthly Cost of Work Related Childcare

For childcare expenses, the amount used in the calculation is the actual amount incurred by the parent needing and paying for the work-related child care.  If the amount varies from month to month, then the average monthly amount is used.  Make sure you keep all documentation of amounts charged and proof of payment.  Find, keep, and save copies of day care monthly statements, canceled checks, credit card monthly statements, and all receipts.

If the childcare is subsidized by a public assistance program, then only the amount actually paid by the parent or caretaker is included in the calculation.

See the introduction to this page, Important Expenses Added to the Tennessee Child Support Calculation.

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