Divorce Mediation Tips from a Mediator

Divorce Mediation Tips from Suzanne Landers, Mediator. Successful Divorce Mediation Tips & Tricks. Tips For Successful Divorce Mediation.

What is your opinion on what’s getting better for divorcing fathers? What are your 3 best divorce mediation tips for spouses? What are your 3 best divorce mediation tips for family lawyers? Do you have divorce mediation tips for high conflict divorces and custody battles? What are some divorce mediation myths?

Explain parentification of children of divorce. In your experience, how often do you see parentification of children of divorcing parents? Do you have any advice for parents who are worried about their children in this situation

About Suzanne Landers, Mediator

Ms. Landers began practicing law in 1985, and she began mediating since 1994, obtaining her certification in domestic violence mediation in 2001.  She has historically served on the Alternative Dispute Resolution Commission, which governs the practice of mediation in Tennessee, and she remains active in community discussion and education on the topic.  Although now retired from litigation, Ms. Landers continues to mediate family issues and issues related to the international abduction of children under the Hague Convention.

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