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You should never rely on client testimonials and reviews when making your decision to hire an attorney. Why? Because both are easily contrived.

You might wonder why, then, we have chosen to re-post our positive reviews here. Two reasons. The first is that we are proud of our track record and our team. The second, more data is better than less data.

You also might wonder what criteria we do suggest you consider when making your hiring decision. See Lawyer Selection FAQs.

Very thorough process, walking through all the steps before and after, encouraged to take things one day at a time.
– Ron A., September 11, 2019. Google

I had a complicated long-distance situation and they helped resolve it with compassion and skill.
– Josh B., September 9, 2019. Google

Miles Mason family law group and Miles Mason in particular are second to none. Divorce is never easy but if you have to have one, this is who you want. As a 20 year military veteran, whenever I work with someone I am always looking for a professional. Someone who is dedicated to their principles, disciplined, and determined to see it through to the end. Miles and his staff are outstanding and there is no one else in Memphis or the surrounding area that I would recommend more. The most dangerous thing you can do in a divorce is going in blindly with whoever is the flavor of the month. Miles is a battle hardened General and while everybody is playing checkers, he is playing chess. In the end, results matter and this is definitely something you do not want to get wrong. It was the single greatest decision I made in my divorce and it’s saved me years of financial and mental anguish.
– Mickey B., May 12, 2019. Yelp

This is the firm to call for unparalleled representation. The attorneys are intelligent, well educated, well read and extremely knowledgeable about CURRENT laws. They are also very good at explaining their legal strategy in laymen’s terms. If you want someone to go to the mat for you then this is your legal team…their goal is to WIN.
– Teresa J., January 30, 2019. Yelp

I used Miles for an adjustment to my child support. When I went to the office, the staff was very professional and personal. Miles was attentive and caring. He has a great understanding of the law and process in divorce and child support process. He and his staff worked with me and my case in a way that exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend them and will use them again.
– Robert, October 29, 2018. Avvo

My wife and I retained the services of Miles Mason’s Group recently for child support and parenting plan issues. We were very happy with the services that MMFLG provided. We were represented by Morgan Stanford who handled every step of our case, and Miles Mason provided his valuable insight and advice at every crucial point. Both Morgan and Miles listened to our concerns and took the time to understand our family dynamics. Communication was important to us because we live out of town, and we were limited to only one or two face-to-face meetings due to many circumstances. Morgan and Miles were always available or returned our calls and emails promptly. We couldn’t have been more happy with their services and the results.
– Brian D., January 2019. Google

My experience with the Miles Mason Family Law Group was excellent. The attorneys and support staff are top notch people who are experts in divorce law. They are also very supportive for those of us going through the stress of a divorce. Thanks to their superb efforts, I was able to get a very satisfactory settlement. Just as important has been the post-divorce assistance with some issues…all have been resolved. I highly recommend the Miles Mason Family Law Group to anyone looking for exceptional service and support.
– Gary M., 2018. Google

The Miles Mason Family Law Group has awesome customer service and impressive communication!!! During a very difficult time, the Law Group handled my divorce with professionalism and straightforwardness. Miles, Taylor, Patrick, Michelle, Sharon, and the entire Miles Mason Family Law Group made me feel as though I was the only client they were working with at the time. The firm was very detailed and professional when handling the needs of my case and made sure that I thoroughly understood every legal aspect of the case. Thanks again to the Miles Mason Family Law Group for your impeccable service in representing me!
– Michelle F., 2018. Google

I am extremely happy with the way the firm handled my case. I initially consulted with Miles and the team. Miles provided great legal and emotional feedback at the initial consult that helped me to deal with the situation. I worked directly with Taylor and Patrick for the majority of the case and they did an absolutely amazing job! I cannot say enough about how professional and knowledgeable these two guys are. At no time during the process was I ever worried that they would not be able to handle any legal situation that arose. There is something to be said for having confidence that everything will work out and all issues will be resolved during such a stressful time. I am sure I could have gotten representation for a lower cost, but I have not once doubted the decision I made to use the firm. Peace of mind is worth a lot to me. In my opinion, their experience and knowledge are unmatched!
– Stephen B., 2018. Google

Divorce is never easy & it is even harder when kids are involved. Miles, Morgan, Michelle & the whole office crew have been nothing less than spectacular. Miles’ knowledge of the law is incredible. They have not only been dedicated to doing their best for me but also the right thing for my kids. When the rest of your life has been turned upside down it is truly comforting to know that I have people who truly care about me & my family fighting for us.
– Jeanne H., August 18, 2017. Yelp

The service provided by the Miles Mason Family Law practice firm was outstanding. The whole group works as a family and make you feel very comfortable. The way the firm works was well explained on the first consultation and they lived to their promises. They work very hard on your case from the first day, keep you informed every step of the case, and provided invaluable advice on how to prepare for your court experience. Miles explained to me before he took the case that his firm was not the cheapest but that they would work very hard to get a satisfactory judgement. My case was difficult and complicated, he suggested that we pursue expert advice from a lawyer that had experience on cases similar to mine. He researched and involved the expert lawyer on my case that provided the turning point of the case. I strongly recommend Miles Mason Family Law Firm if you are serious about your case and need a strong lawyer firm at your side. Finally, I want to recognize Jim Webb for his personalized involvement on the case and his encouraging phone calls.
– Gabriel R., 2016. Google

Getting divorced is not an easy experience. But Miles and his staff provided the guidance and knowledge to allow me to navigate and survive this trying experience.

I was only in Memphis a few months before deciding to get divorced and started researching Family Law Firms in the area. Miles Mason was one of the top rated and for good reason. They ARE THE BEST. Miles explained the entire process to me during that initial consultation. Although my head was spinning that first day…. Miles and his staff kept reassuring me and explaining each step during the process.

My divorce was settled very quickly and I appreciate everything they did to facilitate that and allow me to move on. However, Miles and his team had a strategy and plan in place for every possible contingency. Miles has the experience and predicted many of the surprises that popped up during the divorce. His planning and forethought allowed me to be prepared for almost everything that occurred.

If you’re getting divorced or thinking about getting divorced, make sure you talk to Miles Mason before your spouse does!!
– John O., 2016. Google

Both Miles Mason and Taylor Fields did a great job with my case! They worked closely with my fiancée and I to help us understand everything that was going on in our case, and were readily available to answer any questions that I had. I was especially happy and relieved when they were able to quickly respond and help when the other party decided to make things a bit nasty. I would highly recommend the Miles Mason Family Law Group.
– Josiah R., 2016. Google

After an initial consult with Miles I worked with Taylor and Patrick directly on my case. Everyone in the office was a pleasure to work with and put me at ease throughout the process. I’ve had friends go through similar proceedings using other firms and their experiences were not nearly as positive as mine. While these guys are probably not the cheapest out there I had full confidence in them and the peace of mind they gave me was well worth it.
– Tim H., 2016. Google

My son retained Miles Mason and is extremely pleased with his decision. He utilized another attorney for several years, as he had ongoing issues with visitations and related problems with the mother of his child. He became dissatisfied with his former lawyer, as the conflicts continued without resolution, He came to realize this man did not provide the expertise to resolve the issues he faced.

Upon a strong recommendation from a client of Miles, he switched attorneys. It became quickly evident Miles and his team possessed the expertise and experience he needed. After familiarizing himself with the case, Miles clearly articulated the options and made recommendations. The quality of his analysis and suggestions demonstrated he is a strategic thinker. He and his team did not over promise.

Miles is the coach, and each team member provides a specific expertise. They were always accessible and a pleasure to work with. Miles was always involved but let his team perform their tasks. In the end, the team approach was much more cost efficient and effective in obtaining results than dealing with a sole practitioner.

Miles knows the legal system and how to operate within it to obtain desired results.

Our family highly recommends the Miles Mason Family Law Group. Team members are highly skilled and extremely professional. Miles is a great advocate for his clients, and he gets results.
– Chuck L., 2015. Google

Miles was an excellent resource during an extremely difficult part of our family’s life. Like many, divorce was not something I ever expected to be part of my life but it became necessary due to unfortunate circumstances. A former high school classmate referred me to Miles – although he wasn’t her attorney, he was her ex-husband’s attorney. I figured Miles must be a great attorney to make that kind of impression on his client’s ex-spouse! And I wasn’t disappointed. Education of his clients regarding their rights and how to get the best outcome is very important to Miles and he provided a lot of excellent resources on his website. Reviewing the “what to know” information prior to my initial consultation allowed us to have a constructive meeting which set the tone for the entire experience. Miles and his staff provided the counsel, resources and support that enabled my ex-husband and me to reach an equitable division of our assets and create a well-crafted parenting plan with a minimal amount of drama and heartache. Miles was also mindful of the fact that we were not wealthy and worked diligently and efficiently to achieve our goals for a reasonable fee. After the final decree was signed, Miles provided detailed instructions for following up on requirements in the decree and stayed in touch to see that I and my children were doing well. Although I don’t wish the experience of divorce on anyone, I highly recommend Miles Mason to those finding themselves in that situation – you will be in good hands and come through the experience with the best resolution possible.
– Candy P., 2015. Google

There are no words to describe my state of mind nor my emotional and physical state the day I walked into the office of Miles Mason. Family Law Group. After 20 years, my husband told me he no longer wanted to be with me, sending me into a downward spiral. My faith in God was strong and I sought guidance in Him as well in trusted counselors. However, when I came to the decision that I needed to enlist the assistance of an attorney, Mr. Mason was recommended to me. He greeted me warmly and professionally that first day and he and his staff walked me through the process I was about to face.

Mr. Mason gave me books to read and an assignment of sorts. This gave me time to gain confidence in reflection as well as looking at a possible future, different than the one I had planned out.

I never felt pressured by the group in any way and always felt they had my best interest at heart. Each of the staff personally connected with me.

As we continued with the divorce proceedings, even though the heartbreak did not leave, I was encouraged knowing that Mr. Mason and his firm were representing me. I am very pleased with the representation.

I highly recommend the Miles Mason Family Law Group.
– Carol L., 2015. Google

I would recommend the Miles Mason Family Law Group to anyone needing legal guidance and support. Miles has a dedicated team of professionals who work together to provide quality legal services, while also being cognizant of keeping fees as low as possible. They kept communication lines open and returned phone calls with questions and concerns within a timely manner, understanding the fact that clients can be anxious.
– Lauren W., 2016. Google

Miles is a fierce advocate for his client. His team is knowledgeable and courteous. After using two other local attorneys who never seemed to have enough time to return a call or email, a friend referred me to Miles, I am very thankful. I recommend Miles to anyone who is facing divorce or family court issues. After our matters before the family court were concluded, my Ex admitted that her attorney even said they were facing an uphill battle when he realized that I had retained the Miles Mason law group. Thank you again Miles.
– Mark P., 2015. Google

I recently hired Miles Mason and his team for a very stressful family law matter. Since this was a case that I felt I had a lot to gain and a lot to lose, I wanted to hire someone who was extremely knowledgeable about family law matters. I decided to hire Attorney Miles Mason and his team. They met every expectation I wanted in a law firm. Miles Mason was very professional and helpful during this time, and he knew the law. Every promise made was upheld. I was never surprised in anything that was being done and I was always kept up to date on my case and any changes.

Sometimes it can be hard to find a trustworthy attorney, but this law firm stood by their promises and I was very satisfied with my experience. This team was everything that I wanted out of a GREAT firm. I really appreciated Miles Mason and Lynn Massey and the rest of the staff for the great and detailed job that they did on my case. I will not hesitate to use them again in the future and they are highly recommended in my book.
– Ebony, 2014. Google

I can’t begin to express my gratitude to Miles Mason and his team !
I was extremely uncertain of my future parenting role and was fearful of becoming a mere visitor in my child’s life. Through careful and deliberate action by Mr. Mason, I was able to achieve the parenting time I desired, against the odds! I could not be more pleased at the outcome that Mr. Mason and team were able to attain for me. Thank-you Lynn for your counsel and friendship through the most difficult time in my life. I highly recommend the Miles Mason Family Law Group to guide you through the storm of divorce.
– Kenneth G., 2014. Google

I’ve had a few occasions to use Miles Mason Family Law Group.. I was always treated as if my needs were priority one by Miles and his staff. His courtroom and office work displayed complete knowledge of the family law arena. I highly recommend the Miles Mason Family Law Group.
– Dave S., 2014. Google

I cannot say enough good things about Miles Mason! He represented my husband in a tough and emotional child custody modification. He is extremely smart, knows the Shelby County system inside and out, well respected. But more importantly, he listened to us and I knew he was fighting for us. He fights hard for his clients and doesn’t give up. But he will have your best interests at heart and let you know when and if it is time to settle without court. I would never hire anyone else in Memphis for divorce and custody issues. You will be in good hands. His staff was very responsive, competent and caring. Thoroughly impressed.
– Lisa A., 2014. Yelp

Miles Mason is the lawyer you need for any of your family law needs. He and his staff are diligent and very experienced in family law. The staff is very courteous and easy to work with. His background in accounting is a definite plus. He is very respected among other lawyers and judges in this area. His focus has always been on doing what is right and just for me and my children. I can’t say enough positive things about Mr. Mason and his team. If you are in a situation that requires expertise in this type of law look no further than The Miles Mason Family Law Group. I trust them completely and give them my highest recommendation.
– Kathy M., 2014. Yelp

Miles Mason’s family law firm worked for over a year on my behalf during a very complicated and highly contested divorce. Some of the many issues during this case included out of state custody, and extremely complex medical issues. This law firm is a truly powerful advocate to have on your side during divorce. They get results!

Miles is a recognized expert on family law in Tennessee; he’s published numerous books on Tennessee divorce matters and is a genuine expert on the subject. Being a small law firm focusing on family law, their ability to guide you through the long and complicated process of a divorce is a great comfort. Their entire staff treats you like the valuable client you are; there is not a single person on their team who is less than fantastic.

If you need a “First Class” law firm for a divorce in the Memphis area, there simply cannot be a firm that is more capable or easier to deal with than the Miles Mason Family Law Group.
– Daniel H., 2014. Yelp

As an attorney, I am keenly aware of the importance of having the best lawyer you can get, as well as the admonition that a lawyer who represents himself has a fool for a client. When I’ve needed legal assistance for myself or my family, my first call is to Miles. I’ve grown in respect of his incisive legal mind ever since we were classmates in law school. Miles has always been extremely responsive to any questions I have, quickly focusing on the core issue and coming up with a focused response. I have sought Miles’ legal services on several personal/family matters. Not only did he give wise counsel and direction, he directed me to top quality adjunct professionals (for example, a forensic psychologist) from a network he has developed over his years of practice. I have trust in Miles’ counsel without any hesitation or reservation, and would call him again for legal representation should the need ever arise.
– William, 2014. Avvo

I walked into the office of Miles Mason at a very difficult yet crucial time in my life. I was emotional and confused about the entire process because I never thought I would need a divorce lawyer. Miles Mason and his wonderful staff comforted me and assured me they would guide me through the process. He does not sugar coat things and I liked that about him. He is knowledgeable, confident and reassuring and I would recommend him to anyone.
– Everett, 2014. Avvo

A divorce is a trying time for anyone but Miles Mason walks you through it methodically, from start to end, laying out the overall plan and showing you the options at every turn. Anticipating where it could be problematic and how to most efficiently and effectively get it done. Experience counts and Miles is the one to turn to if you want an experienced professional.

There are times in every divorce where you will wonder what your soon to be ex is doing and Miles already has a plan, has seen it before, and is well aware of the next steps you need to take. The closest comparison I can make is to a NFL Coach. Do you want one that is trying new ideas and is new to the scene or do you want the one who has won the Super Bowl five times already? Miles would prefer the comparison to Bear Bryant, I am sure but you get the idea. In closing, I would simply say that Miles was all I wanted but, more importantly, needed in an attorney. His staff and he are simply the best in Tennessee.
– Freefromtheicepriness, 2012. Avvo

Miles knows the law and the system as well as the other ‘A-list’ family law specialists. However, he has the unique advantage of being a CPA as well. I saw first hand how this benefits his clients in multiple ways. Divorce is always difficult emotionally and Miles (and staff) handles this facet very well. However, contested divorces almost always come down to dollars. Miles always seemed to be a step or two ahead of the other side during negotiations without having to consult an outside CPA (which would have resulted in higher fees for me.) His fees were reasonable and I felt that I received value for all of the time I was billed for. Professionally, I have served as a court appointed special master many times and have worked with most of the ‘A-list’ family law attorneys in this area. Based on that experience, I chose to hire Miles. Based on how he and his staff handled my case, I recommend him to any friend who needs a family law specialist.
– Bruce, 2012. Avvo

Mr. Mason represented me in a two-year long divorce battle. When I came to him, I was emotionally devastated by the dissolution of my marriage – in particular the detachment I was experiencing at the time from my ex-husband, who had been my life for nearly 20 years. Mr. Mason methodically worked my case, step by step, through a long process of transition. I went into his office a scared, “emotionally dependent upon a man” woman, blind to all of the legal maneuvers of my ex-husband. Mr. Mason educated me. His knowledge and foresight led me down the path of transformation. Facing a man I once saw as life itself who was now seeking to abandon me and his financial duty to provide for our children, I struggled early in the litigation to be strong and fight. When I was weak, Mr. Mason and his staff fought for me. When I was blind to the manipulation and legal maneuvering of my ex-husband, Mr. Mason was on top of it, doing his job.

I credit Mr. Mason and his entire staff for helping me to gain control of my life – bolstering both my emotional ability and my legal position in the litigation to fight for what was right, and ultimately achieve it.

Having observed and interacted with multiple attorneys throughout the duration of my case, I had the opportunity to appreciate the stark contrast between other attorneys and mine. I was consistently impressed with the level of professionalism I encountered with every interaction I had with Mr. Mason and his entire staff.

Every time I was in court with Mr. Mason, I thought to myself, “There’s no other attorney I would want by my side” as I observed him confidently and aggressively representing me. My observations in court affirmed my impression that Mr. Mason is the cream of the crop. He demonstrated to me that his assertive poise (engaging with the judge and other attorneys) was grounded in formidable legal acumen.

My ex-husband’s comments about Mr. Mason probably provide the most significant review of all. After the divorce was finalized, he said to me, “If I had the kind of representation you had, things would have gone a lot better for me.”

I highly recommend Mr. Mason. His representation was at the core of transforming me from helpless victim to empowered conqueror. He not only got results, he turned my situation around 180 degrees…and my children reap the benefits.
– anonymous, 2012. Avvo

I was introduced to Miles Mason several years ago by a long-time business associate who had met Mr. Mason at a prior seminar. I employed Mr. Mason for a particular family legal matter. He was always extremely responsive to my concerns in a kind and instructive manner. He was almost always available when I called or quickly returned my call, and provided me keen insight into the legal process we had to go through. Not only did he represent me well, but he always made me feel like he really cared about my situation, and not just another client to make money from. We are friends today, and I would not hesitate to seek his help and advice in the future should I need it!
– anonymous, 2011. Avvo

Miles Mason is an incredible individual and professional to have on your side when life becomes very difficult. He is warm, compassionate, brilliant, strategic, and intimidating to the opposition.

For instance, during my divorce, the opposing attorney became so flustered by Miles’ scholarship, publications, and courtroom reputation that he succumbed to pitching a tantrum in front of the judge and later in front of mediators.

In addition, Miles’ staff share his compassionate and capable qualities making a very challenging and daunting process more able to handle.

I have used Miles on more than one occasion and will do so again, if the need arises. I cannot stress enough how insightful, compassionate, and incredibly capable Miles is! You will not find another like him!
– Beverly, 2012. Avvo

Miles Mason Family Law Group helped me when I needed an attorney for a custody case. They were compassionate as well as effective. I was very pleased with their staff and how I was kept informed as to how my case was proceeding. I would highly recommend them for any family law case.
– Lisa, 2011. Avvo

My now ex-wife was taking money out of my business and tried to cash in my investments. I had an attorney that really didn’t know how to help me and so she sat on my case. My accountant recommended Miles Mason because he had worked with him in another case and knew he is also a CPA. Miles understood my situation, took charge and guided my case to the end.
– Chris, 2011. Avvo

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