Howard Kim

Legal Assistant, Miles Mason Family Law Group, PLC

First generation Korean American, Howard Kim grew up working in his grandmother’s restaurant, Asiana Garden. He played bass for the Korean Baptist Church of Memphis. He was also a member of the marching band at Houston High School. During marching season, he played the sousaphone, and he played the flute during concert season. He has one sister, four years his junior, who is currently attending the University of Tennessee, where Howard himself graduated from in 2020. During his time in college, Howard was a leader in the Asian American InterVarsity Club, which explored the intersection between faith and ethnicity.

In his spare time, Howard enjoys playing ping pong and tennis, as well as board games with his friends. He enjoys going to Celtic Crossing and likes attending their whiskey pairing dinners. He also enjoys spending time with his sister’s Siamese cat, Terry. David Mitchell is Howard’s favorite author, and his favorite of Mitchell’s books is Cloud Atlas. His favorite food is chicken wings, especially from local restaurant, Ching’s. His favorite movie is Everything Everywhere All at Once. Howard hopes to travel one day and wants to visit Seoul, South Korea and Kyoto, Japan.

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