Baylie Shepard

Legal Assistant, Miles Mason Family Law Group, PLC

Baylie Shepard was born and raised in Memphis. She moved to Brighton in 2010 with her mother and sister and graduated from high school there in 2013. After high school, she worked in the sales and marketing business briefly, but continued to search for a position that would challenge her. She worked various waitress jobs in Brighton for several years, but eventually returned to Memphis for better job opportunities and to be close to her grandparents.

Baylie has a little boy, named Hayden, who will be 6 this coming summer. Most of her free time is spent with him, her friends, or other family. She enjoys quiet activities such as reading, writing, watching Superhero movies with her little boy, and listening to music of most genres. She also likes going on walks or going to the park with her son. She has a plethora of administrative skills and hopes to pursue a degree in the legal field.

Baylie is happy to have found a home at the Miles Mason Family Law Group, where she assists in many day to day clerical tasks while aiding the other staff members.

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