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Law Clerk Position – Memphis, Tennessee

Miles Mason Family Law Group, PLC, Memphis, Tennessee.  Successful candidate will be detail-oriented, work independently in a team environment, and maintain a positive attitude.

Position open as of Sept. 8, 2020.

Description:  Law Clerk reports to firm attorneys and paralegals, performing legal research, writing, analysis of documents, document copying and organization, litigation file maintenance, and other assignments as required.

Qualifications:  Second or Third Year University of Memphis Law School student with sincere interest in pursuing family law practice.  Prefer top 50% class rank.  Require law school grades and GPA (unofficial transcript accepted), class rank, and percentile.  We also prefer, but do not require, a copy of an unofficial undergraduate transcript.  Finally, we will accept a writing sample, but do not require that one be provided.

Time Requirements:  During the school year, we request 12-20 hours per week.  We work with all Law Clerks to maximize learning and networking.  We schedule “in office” hours around class schedule.  While we prefer as many “in office” hours as possible per week, we often have opportunities for work to be performed outside the office and over weekends.  During the Summer, we prefer our Clerks to commit to a full-time schedule to maximize learning.

Additional benefits and opportunities can include:

  • Detailed Formal Internal Training Program
  • Court appearances, as available
  • Detailed feedback on legal writing
  • Access to strategy sessions with clients
  • Networking opportunities with the legal community

Submit resume, transcripts, and other information to Abby Wilson via e-mail at

To learn more about our team, please see About Us and Meet the Team.  What a few former staff members said about working with us:

David Marshburn, former Law Clerk:

I worked as a law clerk at Miles Mason Family Law Group for two years during law school, which provided me with an incredibly valuable opportunity to turn the knowledge I gained in the classroom into wisdom through the practice of law. During my time as a law clerk, I learned the fundamental building blocks necessary for becoming a skillful litigator, all while building lasting, professional relationships with colleagues both in the firm and beyond in the greater Memphis legal community.

Tucker Osborne, former Law Clerk:

I want to thank for you allowing me the privilege to have clerked for your firm the past year. I am incredibly grateful to have had such an opportunity. On top of any legal knowledge or experience I have gained, I enjoyed learning from you as a leader. Observing you handle relationships with clients, employees, and family was powerful. I admire how you managed each genuinely but also with intent and purpose. I am glad to have worked in an environment that valued personal and team growth.

Kelly Wojciechowski, former Associate Attorney:

I worked for Miles Mason as a young associate.  What I appreciate most about my time at Miles Mason Family Law Group is Miles’ knack for teaching the practice of law.  Unlike many firms, he actually teaches young associates how to put what is taught in law school into every day practice. Whether it is deciding which motion to file or what advice to give to clients, Miles is willing to answer any questions and explain the reasoning behind his advice.  What I learned at MMFLG gave me a firm foundation in which to be confident in Court and with clients.

Lara Lynn Massey, fomer Senior Paralegal:

I worked for the firm over 10 years, and I would have continued to work for them if I had not moved to another state. It was easy to become loyal to a firm that believes in building a team environment and recognizing that employees are a valuable resource. A large part of the firm’s success has been because of its well-chosen staff. If you work for this firm, expect to be challenged to meet or exceed your potential, and to never stop learning. Also expect to have a group of loyal and supportive people around you, with a great sense of humor. That was the rewarding experience of my working for Miles Mason Family Law Group.

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