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Memphis divorce attorney Miles Mason, Sr. was interviewed on WREG’s Live at 9 November 17, 2014 regarding its story: “Tennessee gets a “D” for shared parenting after divorce.”  The National Parents Organization gave Tennessee a low mark for its state statutes.  For more information about the organization and its report, visit its web site: State by State Analysis Highlights Parental Inequality Across The Nation.

The “National Parents Organization defines shared parenting as an arrangement in which both parents have equal standing in the raising of their children, so that they may benefit fully from the loving bonds shared with both parents. Shared parenting also means that the parents share the parenting time as close to equally as possible, but neither parent has less than one-third of the parenting time.”

Shared parenting is important and almost always in the best interests of the children, but judges should be allowed flexibility to determine a child’s best interest when the parents cannot agree.  Tennessee’s current laws allow for that flexibility.  Assuming you agree with the NPO’s assumptions, Tennessee’s statutory scheme, and its application, does an outstanding job of encouraging co-parenting and sharing parenting time and responsibilities.

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