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Thank you Marybeth Conley and Alex Coleman for all of the great work you do to inform our community of these important laws which help victims of domestic violence.

Address confidentiality programs, or ACPs, protect against repeated victimization by concealing where victims reside. A new Tennessee law created the Safe At Home Program which is now up and running. The Tennessee Public Records Act allows public inspection and copying of government records along with identifying information. Full names, legal addresses, and phone numbers are readily available through simple public records searches. Because these records are accessible to all, government information sources, such as public schools, can be used by perpetrators to locate their victims and continue abusing and intimidating them. This is the harsh reality the Safe At Home Address Confidentiality Program protects against. The program serves as an information barrier to help victims leave the cycle of violence behind.

For more information, visit: Tennessee Safe At Home Address Confidentiality Program.  Establishing program eligibility is easy. Start with sos.tn.gov/safeathome and go to the list of Certified Application Assistants. Other safe options are to call 615-253-3043 or email TNSOS.SAFE@tn.gov. Information is also available through the Family Safety Center, District Attorney’s Office, and women’s advocacy centers.

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