What is required to modify child support under Tennessee Guidelines?

What is required to modify child support under Tennessee Guidelines? A change of circumstances including a change of 15% in the obligation based on both parent’s incomes as part of a complicated set of rules from Memphis divorce attorney Miles Mason, Sr.  For a much more detailed narrative description, see our page Tennessee Child Support Modification Law | How to Modify Child Support.  For more information on Tennessee child support law, see:


Hi, this is Miles Mason.  This Tennessee child support modification answer is for our family law and divorce clients and friends living in Germantown, Memphis, Collierville, Tennessee and the surrounding area.  Modification of child support in Tennessee is not simple.  See a lawyer.  To learn more, read our child support modification page on www.MemphisDivorce.com.  To modify child support orders entered after January 18, 2005, a parent will need to prove at least a 15% change in the ordered amount.  But, since child support is based on both parents’ income, you will need the other parent’s information in order to determine if there is a 15% change.  Most parenting plans require the exchange of income information.  So, we recommend parents ask to exchange tax returns and W-2’s every year even if the parent doesn’t necessarily want to modify child support that year.  Your lawyer may be glad to write that letter for you.  If the other parent refuses to exchange information, contact an experienced Tennessee family lawyer to explore your options.  If you have concerns about sharing your new spouse’s income information, speak to your lawyer.

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