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Germantown, Tennessee divorce filings are filed in downtown Memphis at the Shelby County Courthouse.  First, at the Shelby County Circuit Court Clerk’s Office, the determination is made whether the filing will be done there or in Shelby County Chancery Court.  Then, the divorce must be “protored” by the Divorce Referee.

The Shelby County Circuit Court’s mailing address is 140 Adams Ave, Room 324, Memphis, TN 38103.  It’s phone number is 901-222-3800.  Hours are Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Mr. Jimmy Moore is the Circuit Court Clerk.

The Shelby County Chancery Court’s contact information is 140 Adams Ave., Room 308
Memphis, TN  38103, 901-222-3903.  The hours are the same as Circuit Court’s.  Ms. Donna L. Russell is the Clerk and Master.

To learn more about Germantown, Tennessee, see it’s wikipedia page. Photo credit: Rachel Hogue, Germantown, TN, // Known for its excellent fire and police services, Germantown, Tennessee is a suburb of Memphis, sitting on the Easter border of the city.  With a population of over 38,000 Germantown has no heavy industry and is controlled by retail and commercial service. Germantown, and the areas around it, is comprised of horse farms.  The city hosts some horse shows, most notably in June when it hosts the Germantown Charity Horse Show.  The town is also known for having some of the highest sign restriction ordinances in the country.  Germantown is one of only 29 cities in the country maintaining a triple-A Bond rating from both Moody and Standard and Poor’s.  In Germantown, there are over 14,000 households and a median household income of over $133,000.00 from 2006-2010.  The town’s poverty rate is 2.5% compared to the Tennessee state rate of 16.5%.

Germantown Tennessee Divorce Attorney Miles Mason, Sr.

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